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every Bridge Opening since the inaugural opening in 1919...

…has been meticulously logged, these logs along with incident reports and maintenance journaling are stored in an office at the base of the Fremont bridge. They make for an interesting snapshot into history and capture both the activities on and around the bridge as well as the mindset of the controllers and the priorities of the times.  Below is a shot of a day of openings in January of 1925.

Luckily more recent data has been digitized and is a little easier to break down.  Below is a heat map of bridge openings for the first 8 months of 2023.  The bridge pauses openings for rush hour and you can see that represented in the almost void spaces from 4-6 on weekdays, with an uptick in openings from 6-7 daily. Sundays are continuously the most frequented day of the week.

Bridge Openings

January - August 2023

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Live plane tracking

Air traffic over the bridge in real-time. Click a plane to learn more.

Live boat tracking

Boat traffic under and around the bridge in real-time. Hover over a colored dot to learn more.

Chinook & Sockeye Run 2023

Weekly King and Red Count

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Coho Run 2023

Daily Silver Salmon Count

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